As the ACT 4WD Club is not an accredited RTO, we are not able to run formal training. We offer some informal training prior to our club meetings (in the warmer weather) or as a part of the regular trips we run. When there is enough interest from members, we use other accredited 4WD training organisations to organise training days for our club members. We can also point you in the right direction of formal training outside of the club.
The types of driver training that you could participate in include:


Designed for entry level drivers that have limited off road experience. This is a great way to build some confidence in understanding what your 4WD is capable of in a safe environment.


Designed for drivers that have done some off road driving and recovery and want to sharpen their skills.


For those who want to become better drivers in these conditions. The 4WD competitions are a good way to practice these skills


Designed to help with preparing for and safely completing a deeper water crossing.


Designed for those who want to learn more about the different ways to recover a vehicle and the tools required.


Designed for those who want to learn how to use a chainsaw correctly.